Put Out Your Flag: What to Consider When Buying Decorative Flags and Markers

Put Out Your Flag What to Consider When Buying Decorative Flags and Markers


The idea of allegiance is an important one in our society. Many people have some kind of allegiance – to a sports team or a university, or simply an idea. Of course, national pride factors in, and lots of people like to fly an American flag or military flag in front of their homes. Some people just like to celebrate the seasons or make their homes look attractive with a decorative flag.

In these senses, flags are for everybody. They’re a way to show your appreciation or your allegiance to some institution or concept, and they’re also a way to spruce up your property and make a yard or open space look more attractive. Flags are a “detail” – but in a lot of ways, they are really much more.

Placing Your Flag

For people who have chosen the flag or marker they want to represent them on their property, there are some practical issues to deal with, including placement.

Those who want the best results in terms of a visual impression will want to plan to have flags placed away from the intrusions of shrubs, plants or trees, and in a spot where they can be anchored to a building or to the ground correctly. It’s important to have good, quality holders and fasteners to keep these decorative flags in place. A little bit of planning can really help to improve the impression that a flag makes when it’s installed on the property.

In addition, it’s good to think about where to put the flag for people who are going to see it – visitors and walkers who pass by. Some homeowners opt for a slanted or “staggered” position to show off a flag better. Others co-position a flag or marker with other neat decorative pieces like ornaments or yard-scaping. It’s all about what you want to get out of your overall décor.

Durability and Color Impressions

It’s also important to get quality products in order to enjoy your flag or marker and really get your money’s worth. You don’t want outdoor flags that quickly fade or fray, or develop holes or start looking ragged. You want bright, colorful, well-crafted flags that will keep the color popping for maximum curb appeal.

Take a look at all that we offer at Heartland Flags. We have a full range of decorative flag, marker and banner designs made of high-quality material with the best industry techniques and held in place by high-quality, sturdy fixtures that will make them a functional part of your property decorating plan. Browse our extensive inventory and look for the perfect additions that will show your neighbors and visitors and everybody else what you’re about – and make your property a brighter part of your block!

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